LOOX luxury electric car

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Product Description

Designed as a luxury city car, LOOX is at the same time built for more adventurous delight in driving and speed. DOKING space Frame (DSF) aluminum chassis with crashworthiness design and high torsion stiffness provides safety and stability. Battery space in the middle of the chassis and 2 or 4 electric motors symmetrically integrated in the front and rear sections ensure low center of gravity and ideal ration of mass which improves sport driving performance.

Product Other Details
Comfortable interior provided by its measures – 2,9 m in long, 1,7 m wide and 1,6 m high
Zero to 100km/h in 7,7 sec
Zero CO2 emission while driving
Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO 4) batteries controlled by DOK-ING's Battery Management System
Two or four 45kW (60bhp) electric engines controlled by electronic system developed by DOK-ING