Dida Boža

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Dida Boža brand is inspired by a real person – grandfather of the owner of Hermes International, the company that makes all these Dida Boža spreads and tapenades. Born in Dalmatia, Dida Boža devoted his entire life to growing figs and olives, as well as making wine. He was a cheerful, companionable man with an everlasting smile – a man who worked heavily on dry Dalmatian land, but never complained. Unfortunately, he is not with us any more so you can’t witness how his great efforts and love for nature inspired his grandson, who continues to grow and produce various cultures with the same passion and dedication.

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Hermes International d.o.o.
Vilka Novaka 18, 42209 Sračinec, Croatia
e-mail: info@hermes-int.com
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