is a leading business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) e-commerce service provider dedicated to connecting high-quality manufacturers in Croatia to international buyers. allows suppliers of the Croatia to present and promote their products and services to the buyers of the whole world.

We specialize in providing sourcing services and solutions for products made in Croatia in industries such as lighting, machinery and equipment, furniture, building and decoration, food and drink, hardware and tools, automotive parts and vehicles, apparel and textiles, consumer electronics, home appliances, household goods, gifts and much more.

With, you can find the best manufacturers in Croatia. These companies represent the top 1,000 Croatian manufacturers among a growing list of more than 300,000. Once the contact initiated, negotiation is done directly between buyers and suppliers. Moreover, aims to help its users, whether they are buyers or suppliers, through services designed to save time in the completion of their catalog, or their product search.

Benefits for buyers:

  • Totally FREE access to reliable and certified manufacturers with low risk of cooperation.
  • No registration necessary for a simple search.
  • Communicate directly with suppliers by messaging.
  • Save your contacts and searches.
  • Buyer policy protection by PayPal. See more here

Benefits for suppliers:

  • Present and promote your company and your products and services to whole world. uses over 10 languages and several letters with a plan to add new ones in the future what opening you to the entire world and allowing foreign and domestic customers to come to you more easily.
  • Center for Social Innovation and Sustainable Development constantly invest in the promotion of the which has over 100 000 visitors monthly from all over the world. Our goal is that monthly number of visitors grows to one milion till 2018.
  • supports numerous state institutions and embassies which promote platform through their channels of publicity. Platform is also supported and promoted by prominent figures from Croatian diaspora and public life.
  • By opening e-commerce on the and by typing focus keywords, you improve your ranking in internet search engines (SEO).
  • By opening an e-commerce on, you do not need to invest more than a thousand euros in creating and maintaining your own webcast.