Osilovac d.o.o.

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Agriculture has always been important part of economy. Development of agricultural economy has been marked by vinegrowing. Trend of vinegrowing is important in Feričanci even today. Vinegrowing dates back to the 13th century. Relation to viticulture, vinegrowing, grape processing and winemaking is at professional level today.

The company has implemented the food management system in order to act preventive and provide our consumers with safe product throughout all processes: production, preparation, transport and warehousing. Once a year the system is checked and its efficiency is assessed.

Contact Information
Osilovac d.o.o.
Feričeva 16
31512 Feričanci
Phone: +385 (0)31 603 213, 603 823
Fax: +385 (0)31 603 013
E-mail: feravino@nexe.hr
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